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Amazon Transparency

Amazon's Transparency program helps ensure your customers' trust by verifying your products' origins and affirming that they are genuine.

BarTender is the simple, trusted solution for automating Transparency labeling. It’s easy to use, easy to learn, easy to implement and easy to integrate with your existing systems.

To learn how to use BarTender to create and automate Transparency labeling, visit the Transparency section of our support site, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions, a how-to video and sample labels that can help you get started.

Our new BarTender Starter Edition is ideal for departments and small businesses. It was built with Transparency in mind.

Create and print labels in minutes with our intuitive design tools Simple integration to Excel or CSV

Pre-built Transparency templates that connect to your Amazon-provided Transparency codes.

BarTender and Transparency

The Transparency program recommends that the Transparency information be incorporated into the primary product label design. Until manufacturers and vendors can fully implement this process, they can configure and print interim labels that they then affix to their pre-existing product labels, in a secondary labeling process that Amazon calls "over labeling."

Seagull Scientific provides a BarTender labeling solution that includes several preconfigured label templates that conform to the branding and application guidelines that the Transparency program requires for interim labels.

These templates include all of the following required elements in the correct format, layout, and dimensions:

  • Transparency logo
  • Transparency call to action and description
  • Data Matrix ECC 200 symbol
  • Printed Product ID


The BarTender interim label solution assumes that you already have a primary label that includes product information, branding, and a product identifier, such as a UPC, GTIN, SKU, or EAN.

BarTender Prerequisites

You will need at least the Starter Edition of BarTender to use this in production. Please contact our sales team for purchase information. Contact us on 9311011467 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You need to have BarTender installed in order to use the samples. If you don't have BarTender yet, you can try the solution using the BarTender 30 day trial. This solution requires Starter Edition features as the minimum required Edition.

If you need help getting started with BarTender, check out our getting started videos.

Transparency Prerequisites

To use the BarTender interim label solution, you must first request your Transparency identifier codes from Amazon. These codes are delivered in a CSV file and are listed in the "Public_Code" column. You can get more information directly from Amazon.

After you have BarTender installed and have obtained your identifier codes from Amazon, follow the instructions below to download, configure and print the Transparency labels.

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